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SilFlow Screw Hole Sealing

Sil-Flow SilFlow Screw Hole Sealing 

DSI Sil-Flow is a light-curing flowable temporary filling material. It is made for a temporary filling of the implant abutments but can be used as a sealing material for any small pit and cavity. DSI Sil-Flow has a great flowability and can be easily applied to dental cavities. DSI Sil-Flow formula has been refound. Thanks to that it is now excellent for sealing the margin. Also, it can be removed very easily at once and provide a strong masticatory force. Application: Implant abutment temporary sealing, temporary filling of cavities. It could be very useful for inlay/onlay cases. 

Easy to apply.

• It comes with tips.
• None sticky placement.
• Excellent homogeneous formula perfect sealing.
• No cracks, and no foul odor.
• Perfect sealing to prevent screw loosening.

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